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Submitted by Dean Moriarty (United States), Jun 11, 2010 11:24

Mitch talks about "government favoritism and preferential handouts to favored corporations like Chrysler." I mean, all that talk of endless bailouts (starting within the year, some said), socialism and government takeover of the auto industry has mysteriously disappeared, now that everyone realizes that it was a LOAN to get the company through a rough patch, and that the company has not only used that loan wisely, but has come through quite well, and is paying back the loan (again, not a bailout) faster than people anticipated. They are also expanding operations in Kokomo, Indiana, adding hundreds of good jobs. The thing is, NONE of this would have been possible had Mitch Daniels and State Treasurer Richard Mourdock had their way. They sued to block the efforts of the government to assist the company, and had they not been dealt a humiliating defeat in Court (on a case in which 99% of Chrysler debt holders refused to sign on), Indiana stood to lose tens of thousands of jobs, all during a difficult time as it stood.

I don't know, I don't like cronyism in any form, whether from liberals or conservatives, but the Chrysler example is one that doesn't play well for the governor.

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