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Reader comment on: Soros and Petrobras

Submitted by A.L.Mirri (Brazil), Jun 23, 2010 22:30

Sorry for being sincere, but your information is fully biased and totaly inaccurated. First, your American Exim-Bank lend money all over the world to companies import service and goods produced in USA. So the money will be fully reverted to generate jobs in USA. Secondly, the financing was contracted long ago, during the Bush administration. You should be honest to your readers and inform such key details (anyone can track the story through Google, there's no point to hide the truth in this subjetc. And third, you are completely misinformed about Brazilian technological competence in oil prospecting ans ultra-deep drilling. Since the 80-es Brazil is breaking all records of deep sea oil production. The country employs its own technology and - for your information - Brazil has joined the efforts to overcome BP's tragedy in Gulf of Mexico by helping BP to drill a parallel well that will be needed to stem the leakage of oil. In ultra deep sea prospecting, drilling and producing Petrobras is the leader for decades. You are misinformed about Brazil.

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