Beware of your friends--they can be worse than your enemies!

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Submitted by Nathan Redshield (United States), Jul 22, 2010 18:04

You must be Ira Stoll, a name I believe I've seen before. You seem to be lonely--no one posted.

Watch out for your friends! Having read a few excerpts from Journo-List you should be wary of
David Greenberg in the future. It does seem you should be more careful about whom you have as friends.

However, most liberals that I know are like the Journo-List people; what was so unusual was that they were concentrated together and didn't take security precautions. Now someone is ratting on them and they maybe don't really know whom; I understand the people running Journo-List have Taken Steps to hide Journo-List so it is no longer accessible.

Have just had the experience of coming here from an Andrew Sullivan post on the Journo-List subject. Sullivan appears to be firmly convinced that there is effectively a Fox News Channel/RNC "front" marching in lockstep quoting unified talking points, unlike the Left who are all independent thinkers marching to different drummers. In actual fact that is what the Left is: mindless robots marching to the beat and commands of the Soros/Ried/Pelosi/Buffett (BOTH Warren & Jimmy: see Jimmy's latest remarks) Axis governing through an increasingly puppetized Barack (Hussein) Obama as their front man (no wonder he takes so many vacations: he doesn't actually do any work!). I follow the Right (and have for 40 years) and note the variation between the Limbaughs (Rush & David), Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham (very good), Michael Savage (very good on non-political subjects but prone to factual errors on the sequence of history), Jerry Doyle, Dennis Miller (good--but I hated him on SNL!), Howie Carr, etc.

I have just wasted a lot of time. I used to do a lot of posting on financial matters under this name; was known for my animus against the Collateralized Debt Obligation, the securitized debt ("asset-backed security) process that I consider the true cause of the Panic of 2008, which panic is now leading to an Argentina/Venezuela-style America. Thanks to Dodd-Frank we are probably going to see the nationalization/expropriation of the larger banks the country this October; that was the intent of Dodd-Frank, along with the subsidizing of the spendthrifts by the prudent. I pay off my credit cards in full each month; I now expect to have to pay an annual fee to have a card because slimeballs in life who carry balances want some freebies. Say goodby to Free Checking. And a mortgage like mine where I pay my own taxes ($514 on August 2nd at City Hall) and insurance (a 20% discount for paying in one payment a year) is now illegal; I saw the slimey things done with escrow accounts as a tax preparer and vowed I would never have one.

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