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Reader comment on: Explaining Kerry's Yacht-Tax Dodge

Submitted by Fred Van Bennekom (United States), Jul 27, 2010 15:48

My dear senior senator may win the tax debate but he's lost the PR debate. Legally, he has likely done nothing wrong, and I don't begrudge anyone from avoiding taxes. But remember that this senator railed against outsourcing back in 2004. (The fact that he doesn't understand the difference between outsourcing and offshoring speaks volumes by itself.) Here, he "outsourced" the yacht construction to a NZ firm rather than create jobs in his home area. He decries tax laws that "encourage shipping jobs overseas," which is a gross distortion of corporate tax laws, but he shipped jobs overseas.

Pardon me, I mis-wrote. "He" didn't outsource. His wife's corporation did. It's that kind of technically that is not winnable in the eyes of voters.

I only wish he were up for election this year. May we have long memories here in Mass. And I wonder in which state Theresa resides for 183 days per year...

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