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Submitted by ben (United States), Aug 23, 2010 10:18

It seems as though the FDA did as well as it could under current rules. No deaths, limited infections considering the number of eggs. As the article points out, the law keeps the FDA largely reactive, rather than proactive. The FDA doesn't want more authority because it "failed," but because it would like to be more effective. Without the FDA? Perhaps a few hundred thousand get poisoned, a few dozen children die, lawsuits put the company out of business. That would be the free market solution - not so bad so long as I am not the one sickened, and my child doesn't die.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

If the FDA did so well this time around, why does it need more power?

The free-market alternative to the FDA isn't necessarily death or poison. It could be private regulation through egg companies competing on the basis of brand trust, or private or state-based egg certification badges of approval, or small/local agriculture in which you know your local egg farmer.

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