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Submitted by william dehning (United States), Aug 23, 2010 10:25

This organization is anything but 'grassroots.' It is funded by the 19th richest man in the US who wants to move up on that ladder. Thanks to the recent supreme court decision, he probably will, because he can give as much money to right wing candidates/causes as he wants and doesn't have to indicate where the money is coming from. The irony and tragedy here is that the middle class, in the process of being destroyed since 1980, is becoming Republican, the party utterly against middle class interests, and in favor of neo-feudalism.

Oh, and the 'corporate takeover of your democracy' has already happened and Obama knows it.

I will say this: those of you on the right have been very successful with your propaganda, consisting of Big Lies (Goebbels/Hitler) spread daily upon orders from you by Fox News and the Right Wing Media Combine that I call HanBeckBaugh. You, they and Frank Luntz have successfully paraphrased Lincoln: You can fool most of the people most of the time.


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