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Reader comment on: Glen Beck and the Birthers

Submitted by J.Johnson (United States), Sep 14, 2010 10:31

I don't care for Beck. He's way too far over the top for me. But, one reason he and others thrive by putting out what some call unfiltered (by big media) information and theories is that big media has been profoundly uncurious about Obama, at least compared to their digging into the prior lives of Bush, Gore, Clinton, Kerry and others who have been, or wanted to be, President. Almost all of Obama's life is a blank slate, colored only by his own writings, which are, to put it mildly, unverified and open to dispute. He was born in Hawaii but, notwithstanding the lie that the NY Times keeps repeating, his original birth certificate has NEVER been released. The closest thing to it was a Certificate of Live Birth printed in Hawaii in 2007 which contains far less information than does the original birth certificate which Hawaii officials have guarded with Fort Knox level secrecy. As for religion, he was born a Muslim because his father was a Muslim and that's how it works for them. I take him at his word that he's now a Christian, although he does not attend services, saying that he prefers the chapel at Camp David. Big media say he's very intelligent but have not broken thru his wall of absolute secrecy to reveal his college or law school grades or his SAT or LSAT scores, the sort of information that big media readily supplied for Bush, Gore, Kerry and others. Big media calls him a great speaker, but without his teleprompter he stammers and hems and haws and comes across as someone who has poor command of most issues.

Obama himself has said that people see in him what they want to see. So, he and his big media supporters should not be especially surprised when some folks see things they don't like.

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