Several holes in D Souza's argument

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Submitted by Sam (United States), Sep 17, 2010 13:42

D Souza's article is flawed on several fronts. A few that stand out:

· The article doesn't take into account that Obama also had an American mother and grandparents who played a significant role in his shaping as well. D Souza only references one of Obama's books. It appears he is unfamiliar with "The audacity of hope" or figured it might hinder his argument. If he had addressed Obama's influences, as told in this other book, his article might have been more fairly balanced.

· D Souza makes no mention of the Presidents advocacy of increased troops in Afghanistan. Perhaps because it doesn't support his argument.

· D Souza doesn't address the fact that the United States itself was born after throwing the shackles of colonialism off, and so perhaps there are other visions of what it means to be an American. Does D Souza really believe that those who do not share a vision of American international expansionism must by default hate the country, or at a minimum not have our best interests at heart?

· D Souza makes very generalized assumptions. Is the fact that Obama supports the expiration of taxes for the wealthiest really evidence of a dislike for this class, and a desire to stick it to them? This sounds like silly Glenn Beck assumptions. There are logical reasons why these tax breaks are not in our best economic interests. Does D Souza believe Allen Greenspan is a closet Marxist? Or is he willing to give the former Federal Reserve chairman leeway, which cannot be extended to the president of the United States?

· D Souza appears ignorant of the president's advocacy of clean energies (he never even mentions it). If Obama wants to see us less depended on traditional fuel sources that are becoming harder to collect, or leave us dependent on foreign reserves held under the control of hostile Muslim, and leftist, nations, this does not by default mean he thinks we have too much, or use too much. D Souza doesn't take into account that perhaps the aim of the president, like with a lot of the American people, is not to engage in self denial, but to start the move toward cleaner, more efficient energy sources.

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