A dress rehearsal?

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Submitted by Joe (United States), Sep 20, 2010 16:00

Yes, in future, as a form of theft, the thugs will demand we surrender all our gold. However we're already surrendering to the thugs in many other ways right now. Such as, if you answer a traffic ticket, willingly go to the kangaroo court -- where you are presumed guilty unless you can prove otherwise, pay over hundreds of dollars in fines, and cheerfully pay huge additional levies on your car insurance premiums to the greedy insurance companies.

If everyone simply refused to answer, the scam would collapse! It's all about money, but it's not so much fun to be on the paying end. Today, the thugs not only have guns, but also tasers, and other ways to beat us into submission. This is no longer the America I grew up in.

A closing note about the evils of mandatory car insurance. When states require the purchase of insurance from private companies, but apply no controls upon what the companies charge for of the insurance, and enforce this by police thugs with guns, tasers, tear gas, clubs, etc. it becomes EXTORTION.

It was these kinds of abuses which led to the French Revolution, and the guillotines which executed the nobility en masse.

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