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Reader comment on: Weiner Calls for Health Insurance Price Controls

Submitted by Chuckarama (United States), Oct 5, 2010 12:51

In all the healthcare debate there has been little and no discussion about what is the underlying reason for healthcare costs going up. The whole thing has been framed as Altruistic Gov't vs Evil Insurance Money-Grubbers. But the price of healthcare doesn't care who you label what, it is going to go up, no matter who is in control. They can put whatever schemes they want to try to control the price, but it's going to continue up. It's simple supply and demand at work. Someone should tell Mr. Weiner, that supply and demand doesn't care about inflation. Baby boomers (demand) are consuming more healthcare. While Doctors, Nurses, Medical Facilities etc, we have been told for at least a decade, are in woefully short supply. Result - rising prices. This is the subtle yet simple root cause. Now add on to it all the gov't interference and planning. But the more the plans fail, the more the planners will plan... Mr. Weiner will be no exception.

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