Capitalism: The New God

Reader comment on: How Goldman Backed Moore's 'Capitalism' Movie

Submitted by Jill Barraclough (United Kingdom), Nov 12, 2009 19:06

I really want to watch this movie, this is capitalism going wrong from an economic perspective but if you notice capitalism is seducing our value systems and replacing our values with regards to our social lives too. The problem is capitalism wasn't designed for this it is purely an economic concept for economic management and totally cannot support this application and it will ultimately end in a bit of a disaster. Just look around you, young people, dating books all come from a capitalistic perspective now advising people to behave like capitalists in their social lives. I think we have to be aware what is going on and perhaps address this problem before we are seduced into promoting and accepting this as I do not believe it will end up producing optimal results as relationships are an area where humanity and compassion are everything, whereas capitalism clearly is based around exploitation and promotes having no concern for anyone else.

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