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Submitted by Ilana Vera Morris (United States), Nov 2, 2010 14:20

I think that it is quite admirable for NYTimes, a part of "big business" as you argue here, to speak out against disproportional wealth disparities. To speak out against the mouth that feeds you takes a lot of chutzpa and strength. Because they have a well-respected and well-listened to voice in mainstream media, not to mention the RICH folks who read their work, I think it's great that Herbert is talking through the NYTimes. I don't care if it's hypocritical-- it's HONEST and at least he's getting the conversation going in a space that is highly involved with US wealth concentration. I think it's great that you point out the hypocrisy, but this response does so in a way that undermines the bigger issue: OUR DEMOCRACY IS QUESTIONABLE (poor & middle class folks have little/no power/representation in the law-making arena) AND INEQUALITY IN THE US IS OUT OF CONTROL.

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