Reagan Racism

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Submitted by Erick Tippett (United States), Aug 6, 2019 17:21

I don't question that many presidents in this country have made remarks at times
(and a History Channel Documentary quoted Teddy Roosevelt remarking it was going
to take Negroes six thousand,four hundred years to catch up with the white race!)
His meeting and apparent respect for this particular African leader indicates no
racism on the part of Ronald Reagan at all. However, in his last interview that I
saw Mr. Reagan said he didn't believe Negroes really wanted what they said they did.
Reagan had black football team mates in college and invited them to spend a weekend
with him. Is that where he got the impression about not really wanting what they say they want in life?

Also remember, the Obamas were pictured as monkeys in Europe and in the U.S. and
other countries as well! We have far to go before the black race can command respect and equality instead of begging and demonstrating for it.Institutions must be built, children must be mentored and well trained as the Chinese are obviously doing. In
fact,they appear to be buying up half of the African continent and its countries!

Self hate and the kinds of murdering going on in Africa and the United States will lead the black race nowhere period! Even racist respect power and remember Adolph
Hitler sent Jesse Owens a congratulatory telegram during the 1936 Olympic games in
Munich Germany, but (according to Owens himself) Franklin Delano Roosevelt ignored

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