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Submitted by joecool (United States), Nov 8, 2010 10:52

How 'bout if you are a US citizen, pay a flat rate of %10,%15, whatever & eliminate ALL taxes & those taxes disguised as 'fees'?

EVERYONE would have more $$, we wouldn't have products taxed at every stage of the production process & business would boom considering the tax & 'fee' burden would be eliminated.

I'm not a biz major, so I do not know how this would relate to real #s & revenue raised by the govt.

However, the wealth that would be retained by the people of this country would be hugely increased.

And that is a good thing bcs we'd have a LOT more $$, all of us, to buy & invest & grow businesses etc.

And if govt got less revenue, so WHAT?! They need to work within a BUDGET, like all of us do.

And if they can't, then maybe they should be cutting programs, like arts & humanities grants, worthless homeland security grants (I have personal knowledge about how this $$ in my area has been spent!) etc.

I know, I'm dreaming here, but it is a good dream that makes sense.

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