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Submitted by DuPree Moore (United States), Apr 10, 2020 11:28

As a fan of Team B during the cold war, I commend this helpful essay. But I am not convinced that coronavirus is a matter of life and death anywhere near equivalent to the Cold War. I think it is being insanely exaggerated. Here is a copy of a letter that I recently wrote to my local newspaper. It includes a link to this essay.

Dear Editor;

A flu virus does not "run its course". When we become infected, our immune systems overcome it. Many people overcome it without developing symptoms. When enough people overcome it, we develop herd immunity; and that virus can no longer circulate. Next year there will be a new flu strain. By hindering the development of herd immunity among healthy young people, extreme quarantine and might actually prolong the lifetime of the coronavirus.

Scientists develop models based on assumptions. If certain assumptions are true, the virus will be severe. If other assumptions turn out to be true, it will be mild. In the beginning, with very little data, Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted 200,000 deaths from coronavirus, an irresponsible statement based solely on models. Now that he has some actual data, Fauci is predicting 60,000 deaths. To put that in perspective, during 2017-2018 the annual flu caused 80,000 deaths. As with the annual flu, the vast majority of coronavirus fatalities occur in patients with compromised immune systems.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, both of whom are on the coronavirus task force and both of whom lean left politically, have said that there is no data to support the alarmist reporting in the news media. Nevertheless both doctors support extreme quarantine, but there are plenty of epidemiologists who disagree. Those dissenting experts remind us that in medieval times, Europeans practiced total quarantine against the plague. As a result, European civilization ceased to exist; and it did not recover for several centuries. Since then we used more limited measures to restrict the spread of contagion, while ensuring the continuity of civilization.

In war people risk their lives, and many sacrifice their lives to preserve our society. But a healthy young person who is exposed to coronavirus is not risking his life. At most he risks developing a fever and a cough for a week or two. We should protect from exposure the most vulnerable members of our community; but everyone else should continue with business as usual, just like we do during the annual flu season.

The international Left is trying to destroy the long-standing social and political order based on Christianity. They hope to establish a new world order based on atheistic humanism, a global socialist dictatorship. They exaggerate every crisis to stampede us into surrendering our freedoms. With tens of thousands of deaths routinely from the annual flu, if you report each death as a front-page story, you can create a frightening effect.The Liberty Daily reports, "The US Constitution has died from coronavirus." As with the global warming scare, the many dissenting epidemiologists are ignored. Readers can meet some of them at the following links:

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