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Reader comment on: Democrats Try to Hide a $3 Trillion Tax Increase

Submitted by Frank Toplitsky (Canada), Sep 16, 2021 11:06

If this tax increase was pulled in a private business it would be called embezzlement. The Dems don't want to do anything significant with all that money, all they want to do is break the bank. Oldest trick in the books. America has always been the shattering success for which it is noted. Living proof that Liberty and Justice is the only way to go. For the Socialists however, that verity is America's greatest crime. Their answer to what constitutes a great society is Feudalism. With them as Laird's of the Manor. This tax grab attempt is their admission they have always been wrong, and want to punish America for being right. Don't they realize they need Capitalist Success to pull off their monstrous crime? They cannot even do that right. Check out the twentieth century; From Lenin to Castro, all failures. What a list of names. How can there even be the slightest discussion in Congress about denying the Democrats not their dreams; but their nightmares?

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