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Submitted by Frank (United States), Dec 8, 2010 16:42

"We elect people to make decisions in the best interests of the country, having a country with a basic social safety net is in all of our best interests and requires government to raise money through taxation."

That statement and the underlying philosophy behind it are deeply flawed. Government is the servant of the people, not the master. You presume that people are either too greedy or ignorant to make their own decisions and therefore relegate the task of managing our lives to government. A government which is composed of the very same people, who by dint of owing the purse strings are subject to corruption by special interests of the highest order.

The marketplace is the proven most efficient method for determining our best interests because it is balanced on our free will and exercise thereof. No government can determine what the price of sugar should be, which industries should be subsidized, etc.

As an analogy, if you ran a family like that the grandparents would still be managing the affairs of their children and grand children. If you coddle people, they will never develop to their potential and always remain childish wards of the state. Dictators love this formula...

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