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Reader comment on: HSBC, H&R Block, and Refund Anticipation Loans
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Submitted by Brian Hoffman (United States), Dec 29, 2010 17:40

The real problem here is not the RALs, it is the dishonest and unequal way the OCC has applied this ruling and the timing. Liberty and Jackson Hewitt are both still offering RALs.

Lyle - HRBlock discloses the rate and the amount in letters that are over 3/4 inch tall both on screen and in writing before the loan is made. Clients are given choices. Your image of Block preparers forcing this down the throats of clients is bull.

Clare - I will guarantee that I have more tax training than you've ever dreamed of. We are REQUIRED to have a minimum of 30 hours hours per year. In fact, my favorite client is one who's CPA has already done their taxes. I never fail to find more, legal deductions.

And our fees are much less than the average CPA. Besides, many of our clients are uncomfortable going to CPAs.

Sorry if I sound angry, but I need to set the record straight.

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