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Submitted by Katy Connolly (United States), Dec 30, 2010 07:24

The good points of your comments are undercut a bit by getting one part of the facts wrong- the tax cuts only apply to grocery stores that open in areas where there are no grocery stores now, so the government isn't giving a benefit to one store that will hurt an existing store. Mostly the chain grocery stores don't want to be in these neighborhoods because they don't think that they will sell enough to make the investment worthwhile and they are afraid for security. I lived for a while in a neighborhood like that- the only places to buy food were really terrible, really expensive 'convenience' stores that made 7-11 look like a palace. The nearest grocery store was 45 minutes away by bus. It was supposed to be a 'transition' neighborhood, with people coming in and doing up derelict houses, but the lack of a grocery store was a real problem in getting people to come, nevermind how hard it was for the people who already lived there to buy food worth eating (never mind 'healthy' food- even the 'junk' food was really bad!).

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