Bloomberg's Lack of Objectivity

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Submitted by Robert W Tucker (United States), Jan 12, 2011 11:54

This is a complex issue about which it has become clear that Bloomberg is less interested in facts than in reinforcing its a-priori biases. Notice, for example, that Bloomberg attributes the delay in implementing Gainful Employment to "intense lobbying" on the part of the for-profits. In point of fact, clearly acknowledged by the Department of Education, the delay was to allow time to accommodate the content of the more than 90,000 comments received by the Department. The majority of these comments opposed the proposed rules and came from students, industry leaders, and from independent analysts and research firms such as I represent, pointing out the bad logic and irrational biases in the proposed rules. While the President's law school prints and distributes easily proven lies abut employment and salaries for lawyers upon graduation, he is pressing for "legislation by rule" that will prevent an unemployed single parent member of the underclass from getting trained as a Surgical Technician, get off welfare, and gain self- respect of a professional in the health care industry. Why? Because the debt-to-income ratio would be higher than the Department has decided is acceptable, even though it is routinely exceeded by the non-profit schools. Let them eat cake, it the Department's and the President's attitude.

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