Corporations are not persons.

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Submitted by Frank Carleo (United States), Dec 10, 2009 15:44

I am an attorney, an engineer, and a writer, and a conservative. Contrary to the current nonsense from pseudo conservatives, corporations are not persons. They are artificial creations by the state. That corporations are protected by any of the rights guaranteed in the bill or rights occurs nowhere in the United States Constitution simply because it does not. Only individual human beings have rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. I think Judge Sotomayer has it right. This issue should be re-examined. Corporations may have rights given to them by the respective state legislatures. However, they are not human beings and the idea that they, as an entity have freedom of speech is absurd. Furthermore, you can see in one of the recent supreme court cases where a West Virginia corporation was permitted to literally buy a seat on the West Virginia Supreme Court. Fortunately, the United States Supreme Court said this was not a good idea. Indeed, it is not. Corporations are not people and they should have no rights not given to them by the state legislatures where they are incorplorated. It is that simple.

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