"CALM act 2009"

Reader comment on: Schumer Takes On Loud Commercials

Submitted by A. A. McAdams (United States), Dec 15, 2009 15:28

I've wondered how long it was gonna take before these screaming commercials were going to be reined in. Rather than "Importing EU Law" [cute fear-mongering, by the way!] all thats happening is old FCC laws that were repealed during the Reagan "Revolution" re-instated, much like the banking laws that were "rolled-back" because "this time it's different", & lo and behold, it's not [please tell me the difference between the RCA stock bubbles circa 1920s & the "dot com" bubble?]. Why should I have to wear-out my remote & batteries because of a lack of advertising creativity? Ads didn't buy my TV nor my computer, & frankly I'm getting really tired of companies arrogance that they have a right to inflict themselves on me every waking moment of my life. Free speech is NOT the right to scream fire in a crowded room. Everytime business rolls back a law, & then is too greedy or stupid to remind people WHY the law was there in the first place, they deserve the "Nanny State" they create. Business haven't acted like adults in quite some time, they can't wait 1 year before their avarice needs fed? And then cry about the public opinion?

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