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Submitted by Dj (United States), Apr 2, 2011 23:38

Hey you, you who is working as a secretary with 25k salary. You, who pay only 2k in taxes, listen to me good. I have a plan for your future. I will loan you the money you need to get a higher education to increase your income. You have to work very hard at it. Study day and night if you have to. Carry on a full time job and study at night if you have to. What did you say? It will kill you, you will die early? I do not care. You will be making more money. Did you say something? Are you asking what's in it for your uncle Sam? WELL, let us see: I loan you money I do not have. I will tack it on to our national debt; your children have to pay off the debt you know. I will charge you interest on the money (which was not mine). You will be making more money; therefore, for the rest of your life (however short that may be) you pay me 35k in taxes annually instead of 2k you are paying now. If you fail to pay back the loan, I will tear you apart. I will make your life miserable. I make sure your credit score crashes to sub zero. Did you say something? you say what gives me the right? Are you living in America? did you not know I am your MASTER, you stupid slave.

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