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"A spokesperson for the ministry of information told Al Jazeera on Friday that security forces would fire on protesters only if they were fired upon first." no shooting bullets at, use grenades, hitting with batons or sticks, throwing rocks/stones, or firing tear, nerve, CN, or cs gas, opening fire on, live ammunition at, slughtering, killing, bloody crackdown on, beating, tortureing, to disperse poeple that are not physcially abuseing, pointing/useing/shooting weapons at peopleno opening fire on people for marching down Cairo Street.No fireing on crowds of people just for being protesters. no refusing people access to hospitals. no checking people's ID cards. No requiring people to apply for a license. do not require citizens to obtain permits for peacful public gatherings, demonstration, mass rallies, sit-ins, and protests. Immediately realease all prisoners if they have been arrested soley for being a political activist. allow people to freely enter and leave syria, if you didnt physically witness them (not video, or dont have accurate physical circumstantial evidence (not words/ video: physically abuse, or point/use weapons at people. request people/protesters, armed people, police, and security forces, locally, and from different cities and departments, talk to eachother, and have free training on, what not to shoot.

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