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Submitted by Gary Reginald Dodge (United States), May 24, 2011 23:12

Of course there is climate change, because the Sun is slowly, ever-so-slowly cooling to a point where Earth will be a dead planet, full of 'craters' and in a billion years, Mars will be cool enough to support the life that will emerge from its soil, due to the magnetic pull of the Sun and its moons. On Earth, tides, bird and fish migration, even menstrual cycles are ruled by the Solar and Lunar energy. Mars is rich in a variety of carbon-based minerals, and all that is needed in H2O to create plant life that will create Oxygen; the final ingredient to sustaining life that feeds on the plants and drinks the water, and evolving over another billion years to ocean life, then mammals, then humans, who will build massive amounts of weaponry, enough to turn it into just another cold, dead planet full of craters... Why? I dunno, but I suspect it is all God's creation, so He will never destroy it, leaving that up to the People, who CAN change. We humans have gotten this far by being the most adaptable, and as Darwin said, "Only the fittest survive."

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