Please stop the insanity

Reader comment on: USA Today's Lightbulb Law Bias

Submitted by Terrie Wilson (United States), Jul 9, 2011 14:22

Each day we are being stripped of our rights and choices. We need to see the fact that the environmentalist movement has been contrived back in 1995 to begin the process on taking choices and liberty away from the American people, inch by inch. With what sounds so good and right, but underneath is junk science and manipulated so called facts. Let us drill here in California and Alaska, be energy independent while developing new sources. Wind turbines are a real mess and kill birds and mar the land.We are headed to a marxist government with Obama and his czars. STOP THE SILLINESS WITH LIGHT BULBS MADE IN CHINA, THUS PUTTING OUR MANUFACTURES OUT OF BUSINESS. If the new light bulbs are toxic and must be disposed of at particular sites, how cost efficient is that? If they are turned on & off too much they burn out faster!!!!!! Wake up and check out the trends of taking us all to a political take over by those who want us to depend on government to tell us when to go to the bathroom and how many sheets of paper to use.

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