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Submitted by Frederick Van Bennekom (United States), Jan 26, 2010 18:15

As that rare breed known as a Massachusetts Republican, thanks for the review, but a few comments.

1) We actually did have a couple of republican congressman elected in 1994, but they only lasted a couple of terms. Niki Tsongas in her special election 3 years ago did have a strong challenge, and hopefully will again this year. The city of Lowell went for Brown, which has to concern her.

2) Though we have had Republican governors (who have obviously gotten more than 30% of the vote) perhaps the greatest failing of our past GOP governors is that they did not use their popularity to get more state reps from the party. Romney tried, but he tried in 2004. Bad timing with Kerry at the top of the ticket.

3) I worked for Scott Brown's election making scores of phone calls mostly to independents. While a special election, many folks I spoke with were highly motivated to vote because they were angry about the course of the country. It was clearly a movement. The turnout was phenomenal for a special election in January in light snow. (Think Norman Rockwell scene.) Will they stay in the "R" column? We'll see. Governor Patrick is in deep trouble for the fall. Charlie Baker could continue the Republican streak. The permanency of the "R" connection also depends on what the national GOP puts on as its face.

4) What was remarkable about this election was the Republican had the "common man" appeal (with apologies for the sexism but "common person" just doesn't work). While the Democratic vote was down significantly from 2008, that year was an aberration due to Obama's appeal.

Bottom line. It's fun to be a Mass. Republican again.

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