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Submitted by jordan (United States), Feb 2, 2010 03:48

The notion that working to "double exports in the next five years" is somehow "Stalinist" is the worst sort of double speak. Obama said nothing about seizing private property or the economy's "commanding heights." Throwing around Stalin's name is just so much fear mongering. Such sentiments could be found in speeches by leaders of Western democracies throughout the second half of the last century. Likewise one wonders about the notion that government and fiscal policy only change trade policy "on the margins." The comparative case of India and China would fly in the face of such an assertion.

As for Obama's statements about the Court, the justices might well follow the lead of their most senior member, and avoid participation in the political theatre of the State of the Union. That said, if the Justices wish to jump into the political mud pit, and ignore all assertions of "modesty" and concern for "intent," they should be prepared to get more than a little dirty.

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