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Submitted by Lyle (United States), Aug 4, 2011 15:14

The current model of small business physicians is inefficient if you think about it. Perhaps long term we will move to the model where primary care is provided by the growing store clinic model, with their lower costs being a replacement (note they are open till 9 pm and on weekends as well).

My suspicion is that we have over qualified outpatient physicians for what they do, in the midst of moving to the mindset to worry about testing for the 1% cases from the outset. I recall 50 years ago, I fell and knocked my self out on a bicycle. My mother called the doctor, who said keep an eye on him and if he gets sleepy call, my mother called the teacher and I went back to school. Compare this with what would happen today and a 5-10k emergency room bill. Or when I broke my arm and the physician set it in his office (with a side trip to the X-Ray place).

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