How to achieve growth

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Submitted by Ben (United States), Aug 24, 2011 11:22

I would argue (and believe a good bit of history and comparative economics would support this) that to grow an economy, it is best to maximize the talents and abilities of the greatest numbers of people. To do this, a society has to play a redistributive role in moderation - including spending on public schools for poor children who could become the next tech tycoon, or spending on healthcare for people who cannot afford it and without it could not stay in the workforce. It is necessary the government redistributes some wealth, the question is where to strike the balance. At what point does the benefit of helping those with less outweigh the costs of taking from those with more?

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

If you listen to the whole 23 minute YouTube, Rubio actually gets into those issues in some detail. I think he wouldn't describe it as redistribution but as compassionately assuring equal opportunity and access to the free enterprise system. As he puts it in the speech, he's not going to tell his 80-year-old mom who is on Social Security and Medicare that she has to go back to work. If you do listen to the speech I'd be curious about your reaction to it.

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