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Submitted by Lyle (United States), Aug 29, 2011 16:01

We have seen it in China where food was greatly adulterated, or if you go back 110 years in the US. I will admit that large chains likely have standards that do a better job, for example I understand that McDonald's has tighter standards on beef than Uncle Same, because a E Coli incident involving McDonald's would cost them so much in lost reputation. Of course we could move to the Chinese way of shooting the CEO and executive committee if a bad event happens and it gets enough publicity. Basically the issue is that a few bad apples will always try to cut corners because they figure they can get away with it (the same thought process that leads some folks to rob banks, or buy a hit) on someone).

It's clear to me that there should be a 5 year bar before going from the feds to the industry you regulate, it would also be interesting to see how many ex congressional staffers work there. Again a 5 year bar should apply. Perhaps the federal government should hire folks in their late 50s only and make that a final job.

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