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Submitted by Ben (United States), Sep 2, 2011 15:39

When the stimulus was going strong, the economy was adding jobs. Now that we have had a few months of austerity with the Republicans calling the shots, we are anemic again. No word on when Eric Cantor will claim credit for the jobs report this month as he did back in April when the economy had four months of decent job growth (before the Republicans started their assault on government spending.) I hope Obama proposes direct government hiring to bring down the unemployment rate - his approval would spike and we could have a great election between Perry and Obama about how the world works. Evolution v Intelligent design. Global Warming v Head in the sand. Keynesianism v Laugher Curve. And on another note, how is Future of Capitalism so sure that the borrowers and investors are to blame, and not the mendaciousness of banks that has been exposed in so many investigations. Capitalism relies on honest dealing, and people paying if they commit crimes or violate contracts. The banks did this. If one cares about capitalism, the banks (and bankers themselves) must be punished.

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