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Submitted by Taryn (United States), Sep 3, 2011 08:29

Bonuses and higher salaries are a great idea for a sales team but teachers are not solely responsible for a child's success. While there are no studies that confirm that $ motivates there are studies that confirm that if a child hasn't eaten or is not getting proper nutrition they will not perform as well. What about the kids that go to a home without adequate heat/cool or electricity? Can they focus on homework? What about the countless studies you read about stress? Can a child who goes home to 2 laid-off parents/an abusive relative/a pending divorce/a foreclosure notice, stay well enough physically to perform mentally? I won't even touch upon brain formation in utero or during the very formative months as an infant here, but that is another factor. How does a teacher overcome all of these obstacles? Are we going to start feeding kids 3 meals a day and elongating the school day as well? I would recommend that over increasing teacher salaries. If you were unaware that there are people in this country who do not have heat and electricity, there are. I have visited areas of the U.S. that looked very little like the U.S. Things that I thought only occurred in the far-off slums of the third world, happen here. These are the doors (or curtains or holes) our children leave every morning to go meet their teachers.

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