Deja Vu?

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Submitted by Joe Reason (United States), Sep 7, 2011 20:42

A call back to the Japan of the 1980s? The time of the "Japan That Can Say No" and the love/hate relationship between the USA and Japan.

There was Japan bashing, yet much of love of and imports of Japanese goods and even culture and ideas in the USA. Japan criticized the US but drew it's wealth from the markets of the USA and aped America in many ways to get it's modern success. The whole Deming method (from the USA) being forgotten here, but used and improved in Japan and so on.

Now it is China's turn on matters. There are many great strides China has done, there are tons of business and social issues there as well. So too in the USA. Life moves on and on. It is all in cycles.

Look at Korea for a moment. They have had a boon in the 21st century. Yet... Labor unions for a few big industries have undercut much progress as of late; more then the said unions (auto to some level) have helped sections of the work force. Bureaucracy and bad big government are creeping in too over certain private and public sector practices. Who knows, maybe it will soon take them a year or two to fix escalators soon... Even China could feel that sting ten years from now.

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