Using The Tenth Commandment

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Submitted by Gary Brubaker (United Kingdom), Nov 3, 2011 13:43


When politicians rail against "millionaires and billionaires," when social-activist campaigns scapegoat the "1 percent," it is only a matter of time before thugs feel emboldened to steal, rape, and worse. Class envy is not benign. At its most extreme -- the communist tyrannies of Lenin and Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot -- it unleashed the bloodiest genocides of the 20th century.

When they use the guise of covetness and the 10th Commandment, this has nothing to do about the Occupy Movement. This is an unfettered and unregulated system that is skimming off way more than they deserve. Each citizen in America paid for your failures, not only with their savings and loss of pensions, but also with your lies! You stole, and you attempt to throw covetness into this dialogue.

What a disconnect. This movement is peaceful. You control the Fed Reserve and the US Government because you pay them off. You destroyed the global economy and lent from China as you shipped your manufacturing base to China to give cheaper, unregulated material that can be toxic.

Personally you make me feel pity on the lack of hindsight and inability to be accountable. Yet I find no desire to cause harm to you nor your family. Prison sentences, oh yes, and a return to regulation so we can stop this see-saw that always works in your favour.

You're the furthest thing from Christ. You're the snake in the Garden of Eden. You are Lilith.

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