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Submitted by orange thunder (United States), Nov 18, 2011 09:00

in response to the prior comment that issue is not who will spend your money better.....much of the huge spending increase has to do with social security net, especially the anticipated increases over the coming decades, so it really is over who will spend that money in a better way. defense spending is projected to go down and roads are not a significant portion of the budget. when it comes to the community around me, I believe that I will make better choices of causes and ways to improve my community than congress does in washington while trying to be sure to get reelected every few years. So, I prefer to spend my own money and don't believe that congress is more able to do so. In fact I think anyone who rationally looked at their record would be hard pressed to defend it.

the list of patriotic millionaires has many recognizable names. of those i recognize all are not actively earning ordinary income. this matters since the public debate is centered on raising ordinary income rates, not as much on capital gains in private partnerships. many are retired and less affected as well. millionaires for higher taxes on someone else is not as catchy a name

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