Punishment or endorsement?

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Submitted by analist (United States), Dec 23, 2011 14:45

The disgraced Mr. Rattner may be the 'good guy' that some of his defenders say that he is, but he broke the law and cowardly refused to take responsibility for his acts, while others took the fall and were sent to jail. This was probably not the first time he acquired funds in this manner, as people tend not to change much, and such arrogant behavior usually indicates that it has worked before. He has continued to promote himself on his 'car czar' cred, betting that the public has a short memory. Why would Mr. Bloomberg care? He shares the same background in terms of class and self made wealth, so they speak the same language.

However, Obama cannot afford to have Mr. Rattner around, the taint is too great and too fresh, but I am certain that it is short lived, just like the public memory. It just goes to show the tax paying public that crime pays, white collar criminals are not punished, nor do they suffer. Who can't admire a guy who amassed hundreds of millions of dollars? Now, why would you not want him to handle your company's investments? Or your pension's funds? Indeed, he was lecturing to the Econ classes at Brown in the midst of the scandal, finding admiration and a safe haven among 19 year old children. Hopefully, his arrogant, social climbing presence has been barred from that campus and from those students now that Ruth Simmons has moved on.

If and when the fur flies over this whole episode, perhaps Mr. Rattner will be censured in real time. It would appear, and critics opined this when the story broke, that Steve received only a slap on the wrist from the governor. Indeed, it sent a signal that such crimes would be kindly dealt with, as long as a guise of "innocence" was asserted. A few million dollars of "chump change'" secured the deal.

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