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Submitted by ot (United States), Jan 12, 2012 19:48

your comments are so off that they sound like the drivel that precipitated epstein's article.

karen there is no evidence of illegal activity(no need for lawyers) and ms warren's comments were directed at the owner of the inaginary property not the workers. there was no reason for him to discuss the workers, though it should be noted that said imaginary workers were paid for their work at a wage negotiated at a price they accepted of their free will(the way capitalism is supposed to work). most business operate within the law and so your derogotary imagery of corporate america is out of touch with reality. corporate jets are not all that commonplace but often are good for busineses where travel enables them to be more efficient and earn more(with which they can pay taxes and their workers you treasure so much).

and ben, dear ben... ms warren's comments make it seem like the owner of the business doesn't pay for the roads, education, fire dept, and national defense that the rest of the public graciously and out of pure altruism provides. the problem with her vision is that corporate taxes in the US are among the highest in the world. in addition the individuals who earn income at those business at the higest levels are paying more for roads, education, fire depts and defense than her glorious public , about 1/2 of whom pay ZERO in income taxes. you may want more from them, because why not bleed this minority dry? they have it right? but you can't act as if they pay nothing when the top 10% of earners pay 86% of those taxes. to simplify, ms warren acts as the "rest of us" provided all and the factory owner was unwilling to pay anything, when the reality is the owners pay most and use far less of the services while the "rest of us" she describes use much than what they pay for and are just envious of others' success and wealth. free enterprise made america the most prosperous and free country in the world, but envy wasn't how.

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