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Submitted by Jack (United States), Feb 28, 2010 12:31

Wow! Quite the Warren hater. Aren't ya?

Can you separate Warren Buffett and Berkshire from the separate companies that he has only invested stock? That is, when he makes a statement about being a supplier, he is talking about the company he runs, not every company that he has invested in. They are two very different things. Witness how the Kraft managers didn't necessarily get his approval for their actions.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

I don't hate Buffett, I actually admire him as a businessman and an investor, just think his statements/behavior should be subject to the same level of scrutiny/skepticism that other big economic and political actors are subject to.

I hear you on the distinction between Buffett/Berkshire and companies in which he has invested, but in the popular mind he's associated with Coke, Washington Post, so he gets the upside of those invested companies but not the downside. And some of these stakes are significant -- you hear Buffett talk a lot about See's Candies, but what's a bigger contributor to the bottom line or the balance sheet, See's or Wells Fargo and AmEx?

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