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Submitted by Lyle (United States), Mar 27, 2012 22:21

Here is a link where insurers are now helping the shopping for services such as the CT scan mentioned. I suspect the major medical school price is a cadillac price even for NYC.

In summary they provide folks a list of the cost of things like imaging proceedures and encourage folks to select the lowest cost ones. Of course the physicians guild does not like this making the usual noises about quality of care.... Shopping is supposed to be part of the future, so more insurance companies should do this, (folks might have to visit darkest New Jersey.

Indeed it is the enormous variation in costs for the same proceedure that is a hidden scandal of our health care system. Unfortunatly there is for example no web site that provides side by side pricing for prescriptions for example (at least of major national chains) I guess no one can make any money on it.

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