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Reader comment on: Ryan's 2050 Numbers

Submitted by Dan Calabria (United States), Mar 28, 2012 20:47

Let's be realistic. This is no small task that Ryan has undertaken.

When you're speeding along at 60 mph and you see a problem ahead you can't simply shift to reverse.

You must first slow down, come to a stop and then shift into reverse. Would anyone disagree?

Well, that's the premise on which the Ryan proposal is based.

Could it be done in 30 years? 20 years? Maybe. But there's a process involved.

It will take time to reverse course and that will definitely depend on electing like minded politicians to be honest (not as easy as it sounds), fall in line and take the necessary steps to slow down the profligate spending and then begin to apply the corrections to get us back on track.

In fact, once underway, the process might be shorter if the benefits begin to take effect on the economy, greater business opportunities, more jobs and increased tax revenues (to help reduce the debt) and to help along the way.

No one has a magic wand that can be waved to change things overnight. Or is that person simply not willing to identify himself and his miraculous formula that will turn everything around in just a few years?

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