Obama's denunciation of the Court

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Submitted by Fast Eddie (United States), Apr 4, 2012 10:29

Not only was Obama's denunciation of the Supreme Court justices profoundly (!) rude, it was also profoundly hypocritical coming from a man who raised funds in 2008 by means that were blantly fraudulant. I am referring to his decision to disable the AVS (address verification software) on his online fundraising site in order to enable supporters to get around the fundraising caps which Obama himself so strenuously supported. Whether or not you are a supporter of these caps (I am not), they are the law of the land and his campaign went far out of its way to accept contributions which were essentially bundled using multiple fake addresses in order to circumvent the law. This ploy also allowed the campaign to accept illegal foreign contributions. A number of media organizations protested this wretched activity and were told that the contributions would be returned, although followup investigations called this into serious doubt. AND NOW THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN THIS TIME, PULLING THE SAME STUNT AND AGAIN THE MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS ARE IGNORING IT, PREFERRING TO FOCUS ON A LONG-AGO STORY ABOUT ROMNEY'S DOG AND OTHER MUCH MORE IMPORTANT STORIES.

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