The "Only Government Can" mindset

Reader comment on: Richard Epstein on the Disabilities Act

Submitted by Steve (United States), Apr 25, 2012 15:04

Whether intentionally diabolical or not, government actors insist that care for our fellow citizens, especially those with challenges, must be delivered by government. They ignore its long record of massive waste, inefficiency, and failure to ever deliver on promises made or cost estimates given. The mantra is repeated that we, and those in need of assistance, cannot do it on our own or in our own communities...when the opposite is true and historically proven. This is why history is rewritten by progressives. As Prof. Epstein points out so well in this ADA example, we never consider the "hidden losses" of government spending, regulations, and forceful acquisition of private property. Government handouts create less community, less affinity for our fellow citizens, less individual responsibility for oneself and our fellow citizens. The negative consequences and outright dangers from expanding government power and central planning were well-known to the founding fathers. THIS generation needs to re-learn them, and constitutional conservatism, before we experience first-hand the loss of our civil society altogether.

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