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Submitted by Steve Donovan (United States), Apr 25, 2012 15:32

Holy cow! This explains everything! How could The Times put out the liberal bias propaganda that they do everyday? Because these people are no different than the AFL-CIO/SEIU/Teacher union drones who give absolutely NO consideration to where the tax dollars come from that fund their excessive pensions or that taxes will never pay for it all! They give ZERO consideration to a company's P&L, ability to deliver on pension promises or even its ability to exist long enough to pay the pensions. Their only consideration is their very own wallet. We assume that a paper like the Times must be staffed with thoughtful and intelligent people, but this video proves different. These people are completely disconnected from the typical American experience. They THINK they are typical...average...and everyone should enjoy a pension like theirs. "What? You don't have one too?" Wow. Very enlightening to say least.

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