Fifty Fifty Is Best Whether 1987 or 2010

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Submitted by Charles Jones (United States), Mar 12, 2010 08:40

Stuart Varney stated on FoxNews this morning that GMAC took $6.3 billion of the stimulus from General Motors and will not repay it plus that during Dec 2009 in the dead of night the US Treasury obtained the money $100 billion and was given to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to keep them both from failure cause if they failed our nations housing market would crash, neither will Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac repay that money. Taxpayers have been swindled, no ownership appears to be a transparent matter, course these things were secret deals and taxpayers never told in advance to decide if they should go through with it, this is the bad economic history within the Obama Administration which needs to be shown in school textbooks but if President Ronald Reagan has been eliminated as having been honored for taking down the Berlin Wall while Mikhail Gorbachev takes the credit, regardless of the Speech June 12, 1987, Picture that is 26:39 minutes long at the Berlin Wall what difference would American's being taught that the Obama Administration pilfired the US Treasury as they felt necessary no matter of Laws and Congress. The big deal is why not both 50/50 credit just to add Mikhail Gorbachev. Can we assume VP Joe Biden to be innocent of the rest of the Obama Administration illegal dealings, how about Timothy Geithner - Treasury Secretary of the US, what of David Axelrod, so let's not forget Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff. Whom is taking the credit for use of taxpayer money which drives the budget many years into the furute necessity of taxpayers to pay-off If I were running for President I would object that such would be crashing into my possible Presidency, if Biden is not complaining why trust Biden anymore, why trust Geithner or Emanuel. Theft of Social Security funds do not exclude people simply because they have a title, they are spending the money and that is what matters so they must be credited in textbooks for the fallacy.

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