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Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Jul 3, 2012 18:36

While the point of the editor's column -- that Roberts shouldn't be blamed for Obamacare, is correct in a highly attenuated context -- in a wider context, it is right and proper to blast Roberts' decision.

The job of the Supreme Court, above all else, is to be a branch that co-equally protects the liberties of the people from depradations of the government (from whichever branch). In this, Roberts failed completely and massively.

Yes, it is up to the populace to vote in Senators, Reps and Presidents who will presumably protect their rights under the Constitution, and if they don't, then the SC can't fix it all. But this case was such a blatant attack on core Constitutional principles, that Roberts was absolutely derelict in his job.

His "reasoning" is all the evidence one needs that he was doing some kind of hack legal job in order to arrive at a preconceived conclusion that he believes he needed to arrive at.

If he thought he needed to preserve the respectability of the SC, he surely failed.

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