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Submitted by Tina Champeaux (United States), Jul 9, 2012 20:49

I retired from the welfare dept. after 23 yrs. of watching the taxpayer dollars wasted on a daily basis. Temporary aid means just that...temporary...until someone gets on their feet. It does not mean that we support able-bodied people forever...nor does it mean that we subsidize their income with food and money so they can pay a car or house payment that they cannot afford. All the while those not qualifying for welfare struggle to make ends meet while paying for those who are on assistance. We need a system to help disabled, aged, and those who need temporary assistance, not those who can work and will not. The benefits should be used for food and shelter only along with anything related to getting a job. Guns, gambling, liquor, drugs, adult stores, cigarettes? Give me a break!! Where has common sense gone? Common sense dictates that we shouldn't even have to waste the time and money to legislate this!! Under the O administration, I watched our caseloads go sky high! This is a socialist ploy to get as many sheeples on welfare as possible. Yes, we need federal and state cuts but we also need JOBS. This is the perfect fit under socialism...No JOBS and lots of welfare and use it as you so choose...My question is what is going to happen when the welfare rolls are full? All of this is orchestrated.

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