Mr. Brooks is dreadfully wrong

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Submitted by Robert Murphy (United States), Jul 11, 2012 10:30

Ludicrous. Mr. Brooks states in the article itself that lesser income parents used to, but no longer, spend as much time with their children as do higher income parents. Stop right there. Are you saying, Mr. Brooks, that the opportunity to spend more time no longer exists? Back that up, please, Mr. Brooks. Charles Murray spoke the most interesting comment. He said today's cultural elite lacks confidence in that they fail to tell the unwashed masses to adopt their culture. Mr. Murray contrasted today's cultural elite with those in Victorian England, who had no qualms about telling the masses the best way to live. Interesting, to say the least. Charles Murray is a gem. Mr. Brooks is out-and-out wrong for claiming victim status of modern lesser income parents. They do indeed have the same opportunity to spend time with their children, they just choose not to. If only today's cultural elite would take a clue from the Victorian elites and speak up about how to do things right. Mr. Murray claims the lower income (whites in his example) have had a change of morals. They have no right to claim victim status. Opportunities remain equal. Saying otherwise, as Mr. Brooks does, is incorrect. Being poor is not a causal factor toward being immoral. That's a liberal argument, and it is wrong. Sorry, Mr. Brooks, but you are wrong.

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