Your conclusion is irrational, Mr Stoll !

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Submitted by Fast Eddie (United States), Jul 31, 2012 16:15

I normally find this blog to be well reasoned and written, however this posting is so irrational I can't help but wonder if you have lost your mind! Those national security leaks were profoundly damaging to U.S. security, not to mention to that unfortunate Pakistani physician who will spend the rest of his life (assuming the Pakistani intelligence agency thugs allow him to live) in a Pakistani prison. For purely (!) partisan reasons, somebody very highly placed in the Obama administration, perhaps even Obama himself, publicly released information that should NEVER EVER have seen the light of day, as evidenced by Def. Secy Gates' remark to one of Obama's top security minions that the way to stop the leaks was for him to 'shut the up.' And then Senator Feinstein works up the courage to address this security outrage, only to be forced to walkback her statement because telling the truth in Washington can get you in a lot of trouble. And now you say that the way to cure the problem is by an election. Do you really think that some unelected official(s) are going to take that sort of hypothetical punishment seriously ? Voters are going to vote their pocketbooks this election, so, using your reasoning, they should go ahead and vote Obama out EVEN IF the economy stages (a highly unlikely) recovery and things start looking up in the job market?????

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