Stein's (like Romney's) timeline is wrong

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Submitted by ben (United States), Sep 12, 2012 21:31

The embassy put out the statement condemning the anti-Muslim video BEFORE the attack. It was not in response, as both Stein and Romney say. This is a crucial point. The embassy was trying to diffuse a tense situation be saying that the government does not stand behind inflammatory speech. Romney was likely going to lose, but his rash and over politicized decision to attack Obama WHILE THE ATTACK WAS STILL HAPPENING shows this man is unfit for office. What would stop him for shooting his mouth off about China and causing a war over Taiwan? I could see him offending Muslim daily and making the already difficult job of our troops in Afghanistan that much harder. Romney put the nail in his electoral coffin today, barring a slip of astronomical proportions by Obama. As even his critics will admit, Obama is a disciplined politician unlikely to make such a large error.

The big losers today were those Democrats running for House and Senate who are going to be seeing a lot of that superpac money that would have gone to Romney if there were still life in his campaign.

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